Battling the Monsters Together

Battling the Monsters Together

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Some take the form of needles that terrify young children. Others terrorize us as we battle chronic illnesses. Scary creatures reveal themselves and change us because of the horrors they bring into our lives. Ghosts and shadows leave us breathless and scared.

As if medical concerns were not enough, some monsters appear in the school playground. These bullies frighten our loved ones, stealing the joy of carefree moments. Bullies leave those we love feeling fearful and uncertain. These are the most frightening monsters because their attacks cause lasting trauma.

Monsters exist in different forms. We can equip our loved ones to stand up to them but we cannot protect them from the spooks and ghouls that try to steal their joy. We can only help them as they face their demons.

Sometimes monsters loom so large that facing them can seem pointless. But that’s when we can teach our children how to deal with the most difficult challenges. Tackling the entire problem all at once is too overwhelming. Instead, we approach tough circumstances one step at a time. Little by little, we can defeat the most fearsome monsters, no matter what their size. We show our children that together we can face anything.

Each one of us knows what it is like to struggle with terrible circumstances. We move forward, thinking we will never have another day free from pain or regret. Hopelessness threatens to overcome our souls; our lives can seem overwhelming. Our monsters are too big.

We must teach our children how to draw strength in times of crises. We must make them understand that they are never alone. We are with them through thick and thin. As they become secure in the knowledge that their loved ones will always protect them, the influence of their monsters fades. May your tribe fight your monsters with a fierceness that unleashes all the love in your heart. And when the battle is over, fear will be cast aside and replaced with joy.


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Joe is the father of two sons with hemophilia. He and his wife Cazandra are active member in the bleeding disorders community and often facilitate workshops both locally and nationally. Joe is a pastor in the United Methodist Church and writes a blog about spirituality and faith. You may follow his blog at


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