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      These are unprecedented times.  We are all isolated from contact with other people.  How is the isolation affecting you? Do you have anger? Sadness? It is ok to be angry and sad.  But, if you need help, or are struggling with depression and isolation, please reach out.  Talking about it might not make it go away, but, it really can help. Please do not hurt yourself or anyone else.  How are you coping?  What advice can you give to others struggling with isolation and anger?

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      Alliah Czarielle

      Last year was a tough one; thankfully we did not catch it. We got vaccinated earlier this year. However, this time my husband who has hemophilia tested positive. Thankfully his symptoms are mild — just some coughing and loss of smell but no fever or fatigue.

      We are now in quarantine. We are staying in separate rooms and cannot be physically together until our respective quarantine periods are over. What breaks my heart most is thought that he is so close to me and my daughter and yet so far away…

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        Shellye Horowitz

        Oh no, Alliah. I am so sorry to hear what your family is having to cope with. How scary. I am glad to hear that his symptoms are mild. It can feel so disempowering when we cannot do much for our loved ones – and the isolation involved with COVID to stop the spread is so emotionally taxing for families.

        How is he holding up, how are you and your daughter coping? How many more days do you have to be separated?

        Hang in there~

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