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      There are many kinds of bleeds that can occur in babies and children.  Nosebleeds are one of the most visible and upsetting. Nosebleeds can be dangerous and result in a significant blood loss. Does your child have nosebleeds?  Do you have any tips or tricks for treating nosebleeds?

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      Michael Birmingham

      Some of my most vivid (and embarrassing) memories as a child were because of nosebleeds. I have had to deal with them for most of my life. They almost always came when I had the least amount of time to deal with them. And the most embarrassing pars can sometimes involve long blood filled ropes that have been congealing down the back of my throat.

      I have found the most effective way for me to stop them is by both packing the nose with cotton (you get a feel for how much based on the size of the nose). You want to get the cotton in far enough that it will be over the actual damaged part of the nose, hopefully where the blood is originating from. Then you apply pressure to the bridge of the nose, pinching from either both sides, or at least the side that is bleeding. This should be done so that no blood is either soaking through the cotton, or running down the throat. This should be done for a minimum of 20 minutes, but can take an hour or more depending on how well the pressure is cutting off the blood flow. If the cotton soaks through or the bleeding continues after the pressure is released, you pretty much have no choice but to start again.

      Fortunately have a dozen years ago or so, I discovered the wonders of prophy. It took a few years to completely phase out of my life, but now it has been years since my last nosebleed. Hope this helps… and of course none of this is intended as medical advice… just my experience (and pretty old experience at that as I am now in my late 50s). Good luck!

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        Shellye Horowitz

        Thank you, Michael for the tips!

        Packing with cotton was not a pointer I have heard in the past, and it makes sense and sounds so helpful.

        I am sorry you have felt the embarrassment and inconvenience of nosebleeds too.

        I remember the particular horror of bleeding all over my fifth grade classroom (the kids were pretty mean) when my nose erupted one time. That same time I argued with the school nurse about why I should not lean my head backwards…. I get she didn’t want the blood everywhere, but I did not want those stringy ropes down my throat and I didn’t want to throw up!

        I have memories of my dad pinching both his nose and mine when we had simultaneous bleeds.

        I did not make the prophy connection, but now that you mention it I have also not had a nosebleed since I have been on prophy.

        Thank you, again – I know your advice will be helpful to many!

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