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Teens Using the Gift of Gab for Action

I recently had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with a group of teens from our local bleeding disorders organization, HACA, which stands for Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area. Some of these kids have gone to camp together for years, and some were brand new to the group.

When You Don’t Have to Be the First

The toughest part about moving to a new city or state is locating health providers that are covered (most likely) by a new insurance plan. It’s difficult for families with hemophilia, like ours, to find pediatricians and internists. But dentists are by far the most challenging to locate. Fellow…

Posing a Challenge: The True Cost of Mental Healthcare

Many years ago, while working in the association management world, I had a director who challenged his managers (including me) to calculate the “true” cost of every program we proposed. My director’s challenge was not merely a budgetary task; it was an exercise in extreme critical thinking that moved us…