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Cazandra is a pastor, author, columnist, motivational speaker, advocate, and encourager. She writes about the journey of raising two sons with severe hemophilia A with inhibitors. Cazandra's older brother, Ronaldo Julian Campos, died of complications from hemophilia as an infant. She lives with her husband, Rev. Dr. Joe MacDonald, and youngest son, Caeleb in Belen, New Mexico. She also has an adult son, Julian. Her book, "Dear Hemophilia: Finding Hope Through Chronic Illness," is available on Amazon. You may follow her writings and view her TEDxABQ talk at

Articles by Cazandra Campos-MacDonald

The Way to a Parent’s Heart

The terrible, awful, no-good, very bad year for my family is not 2020. It was 2013. My youngest son, Caeleb, spent most of that year in the hospital. In 2013, Caeleb, who was in second grade, missed about 70 days of school due to recurring bleeding in his…

Learning Life Lessons Little by Little

My 24-year-old son, Julian, lives out of state, where he attends college and works as a barista. He pays his bills and “adults” well, making me immensely proud of him. When he was a teenager, I didn’t think I would live to see his adult years. Like most teenagers who…