Hemophilia 24/7 - a Column by Cazandra Campos-MacDonald

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Cazandra is a pastor, author, columnist, motivational speaker, advocate, and encourager. She writes about the journey of raising two sons with severe hemophilia A with inhibitors. Cazandra’s older brother, Ronaldo Julian Campos, died of complications from hemophilia as an infant. She lives with her husband, Rev. Dr. Joe MacDonald, and youngest son, Caeleb (14) in Belen, New Mexico. She also has an adult son, Julian (24). Her book, “Dear Hemophilia: Finding Hope Through Chronic Illness,” is available on Amazon. You may follow her writings and view her TEDxABQ talk at www.cazandracmacdonald.com.

A Mother’s Hope Through Hemophilia

There’s one thing I want more than anything: When my sons are grown with their own families, I want them to come home for Thanksgiving (without my having to beg). I dream of sitting around the table with my sons, their significant others, and hopefully their children. I want…

Looking Forward to a ‘Family’ Reunion

I’m a homebody. I work from home most days, and when I’m relaxing, I’m quilting, sewing, or weaving. The gratitude I have for my home and my activities there is overwhelming in the best of ways. While the pandemic has caused many to feel trapped, unable to move about the…

Complacency Is Out, and Hemophilia Is In

There was a time when I couldn’t make plans because hemophilia was the center of my life. Vacations were dreams, family outings were few and far between, and the mundane happenings of everyday life were nonexistent. There was no sense of complacency. Every waking moment was consumed with the…

Teachable Moments May Change Perspectives

I went to college to become a teacher. Actually, to become a middle school band director. Four years of college were great, but student teaching was how I learned to teach. Two excellent supervisory teachers helped me find my way, answered questions, and taught me useful lessons by their example.