In the Twinkling of an Eye - a Column by Joe MacDonald

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Joe is the father of two sons with hemophilia. He and his wife, Cazandra, are active members in the bleeding disorders community and often facilitate workshops both locally and nationally. Joe is a pastor in the United Methodist Church and writes a blog about spirituality and faith. You may follow his blog at

Old DVD recordings bring back forgotten memories

Recently, I came across an old DVD recording of a Fourth of July celebration on a hot summer day in Baytown, Texas. Many families had gathered on blankets and lawn chairs to celebrate with one another and watch the evening’s entertainment. The first star of the production was…

How my own past trauma helped my son to heal

In middle school, I faced bullies just about every day. I often experienced physical violence during the three years I attended what was then called Burbank Junior High School in Houston. The beatings occurred so frequently that my speech teacher allowed me to stay in her class and…