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Jennifer Lynne is an entrepreneur specializing in digital marketing, a self-professed computer nerd, and a nationally competitive Scrabble player. Jennifer has strong ties to the bleeding disorder community; she was diagnosed in 1975 with hemophilia B and Von Willebrand’s disease at age 10. She is a University of Wisconsin, Madison graduate with a BA in marketing and journalism, and was in MIT’s Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program. A native of Brookfield, Wisconsin, she now resides in sunny Punta Gorda, Florida. Jennifer hopes her column will raise awareness for hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, especially among women.

Articles by Jennifer Lynne

How I Manage the High Expenses of Hemophilia

Living with any chronic illness comes with a financial burden. Hemophilia, in particular, is extremely rare and extremely expensive. What follows is a summary of the expenses, insurance, and savings that I’ve encountered in my journey with bleeding disorders. Expenses Most years, I’m sure to hit the $7,000+…