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Rev. Dr. Joe K. MacDonald is a pastor in the New Mexico Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. He and his wife, Cazandra, live in Belen, New Mexico, along with their youngest son, Caeleb, and two fur babies, Laggie and Hildie. Both of Joe’s sons (the oldest is Julian) have severe hemophilia A, factor VIII deficiency. Julian was diagnosed in 1996 and Caeleb in 2006. Joe serves on the Board of the Sangre de Oro Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation. Joe’s goal is to help his sons and others in the community use their voices to help improve the quality of life for those with bleeding disorders.

Articles by Joe MacDonald

Giving myself grace when doubt creeps in

I’m a pastor, so I encounter the word “grace” almost every day. Words of encouragement pour out of my mouth as I talk with parishioners struggling to make their way in the world. I often say, “Give yourself some grace. Everyone falls short of the mark, but that doesn’t…

Helping my son with a bum ankle at an Easter egg hunt

When my youngest son, Caeleb, was 5 years old, he participated in our church’s yearly Easter egg hunt. We divided the children into younger and older categories to help even the playing field. The smaller church members started first, gathering as many eggs as they could find. After the little…