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Magdalena holds an MSc in Pharmaceutical Bioscience and an interdisciplinary PhD merging the fields of psychiatry, immunology and neuropharmacology. Her previous research focused on metabolic and immunologic changes in psychotic disorders. She is now focusing on science writing, allowing her to culture her passion for medical science and human health.

Articles by Magdalena Kegel

EU Grants €5.6 Million to Consortium Developing Sernova’s Cell Pouch Therapy for Hemophilia A Patients

The European Commission will award the Brussels-based HemAcure Consortium €5.6 million in next-stage funding of a therapy called Cell Pouch —  developed in collaboration with Canada’s Sernova — for hemophilia A patients. The therapy delivers corrected factor VIII with the help of cells that sit in a transplanted pouch under the skin. The cell…

Distress Triggers Brain Changes in Hemophilia Children, Study Suggests

Psychological distress triggers microscopic changes in regions of hemophiliac children’s brains that deal with emotions and cognition — and the changes show up before abnormal results on neuropsychiatric tests, researchers discovered. The team said larger studies are needed to confirm the links they found between brain changes, the stage of the…