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What It Means to Own My Hemophilia

My nephew does not like needles. Actually, “hate” is probably a better word. He hates needles. This is not ideal, given that he has hemophilia. Recently, I was helping him practice IV infusions on a makeshift “arm” I created. As we talked, I told him, “You need to own hemophilia.

When Hemophilia and Neurodiversity Converge

I am not neurotypical. My thoughts, perception, and speech can be different than others. It is subtle, but there. For example, if someone tells me something, I take their word literally — and I mean literally. If someone tells me they poked themselves 30…

Hemophilia Care Entails More Than Treating Bleeds

Grab the factor, syringes, butterfly needles, drapes, Band-Aids, self-adherent wrap, sharps container, and tourniquet! These things are usually what comes to mind when we think about hemophilia care. Medical supplies are the first thing we think of when we plan for day-to-day life with hemophilia. Preventing and treating bleeds…