Brain Hemorrhage in Boy with Hemophilia Treated with Transfusions

Researchers in India recently reported the case of child with hemophilia and traumatic intracerebellar hemorrhage, who was successfully treated with transfusions of plasma. They recommend a conservative approach as a first line of treatment, before more invasive alternatives such as surgery. The case report, “Intracerebellar haemorrage in a haemophilia child,” was published in…

Porcine Recombinant Factor VIII Valid for Certain Hemophilia A, Review Suggests

In hemophilia A, the most significant therapeutic complication is the development of antibodies against factor VIII (FVIII) that inhibit its coagulant activity and make the therapy ineffective. The plasma-derived porcine FVIII product represents a therapy with low levels of autoantibodies and successful management of bleeding when compared to human plasma-derived products.

Researchers Question Health-Related Quality of Life for Youth, Young Men with Hemophilia

Researchers at several Canadian institutions investigated the tendencies of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) among teenagers and young adults with hemophilia A (HA) and found that young adults demonstrated more joint disease and worse HRQoL when physical function and pain were considered. The research paper, “Generic and disease-specific quality of…