Enzyre, Takeda Expand Partnership to Develop At-home Monitoring Test

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Enzypad and monitoring

Enzyre is partnering with Takeda with a goal of developing at-home assays to help people with monitoring congenital bleeding disorders, including hemophilia, and to diagnose these disorders.

This partnership builds on an existing, 2019 research collaboration between these companies. At the time, Takeda agreed to provide funds to Enzyre to help the company develop its proprietary Enzypad platform technology, and create a device enabling hemophilia patients to monitor their blood coagulation status at home.

“Technologies like Enzyre’s Enzypad platform support Takeda’s ambition to deliver personalized care and address the unique needs of every single patient,” Chris Easton, global commercial lead of Innovative Patient Solutions at Takeda, said in a press release.

“We are excited to continue working together with Enzyre to realize our common goal of advancing the standard of care and optimizing treatment outcomes for patients with bleeding disorders,” Easton said.

Hemophilia results from insufficient blood clotting or coagulation factors in the blood, leading to prolonged bleeding episodes that can occur spontaneously, or following an injury or surgery.

Similar to blood glucose meters that allow people with diabetes to monitor blood sugar levels, Enzyre’s Enzypad technology aims to enable people with hemophilia to assess their coagulation status, or the blood’s ability to clot, by testing a small drop of blood.

The Hemophilia Enzycard is the first potential product to use Enzyre’s proprietary Enzypad platform technology to assess blood coagulation status. According to the company, this portable testing card can measure the levels of up to 12 different blood clotting biomarkers, and is equipped with all the reagents needed to perform up to 16 tests on a single sample. 

The Enzycard is meant to be used in combination with a sampling device for collecting a blood sample, and a processor that can analyze coagulation test results and send them to patients’ healthcare providers through a mobile app.

Enzycard would allow for patients to be continuously and carefully monitored by their care team while at their home, reducing costs and treatment burden, the company states.

“We have worked closely and successfully with Takeda over the last 5 years and are very pleased to strengthen our partnership. Takeda’s commitment is validation of our ground breaking technology, and reflects our combined goal to drive the standard of care forward for patients tackling bleeding disorders, enabling an improved quality of life,” said Dirk Pollet, PhD, CEO of Enzyre.

Takeda confirmed the new partnership by investing in Enzyre and joining its supervisory board.