7 Recommended Books to Learn More About Hemophilia

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by Margarida Azevedo, MSc |

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Hemophilia is a genetic disorder that prevents blood clotting. Most common in men, there are two main types of hemophilia: hemophilia A and B. Below is a curated list of recommended reads for family members, friends and carers of patients with hemophilia, with help from Good Reads and Alibris.

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“Hemophilia” by Michael Raabe
Full of detail, yet still an easy read for anyone looking for more information regarding the disease. The main emphasis of this book, apart from filling in any scientific gaps, is underlining that people with hemophilia are still able to live full, productive lives.

“Living with Hemophilia” by Peter Jones
This book is full of helpful information on how to live daily life in terms of  activities, education, employment, sex, and family planning.

“Textbook of Hemophilia” by Christine A. Lee
An extremely useful source of information, this book provides a general overview of the disease and patient care. The book covers bleeding in both adults and children, both types of hemophilia (A and B), along with more detailed information on the molecular basis and coagulation factors. It’s particularly useful for anyone managing hemophilia patients.

“Hemophilia and Hemostasis” by Alice Ma
This book is aimed at healthcare professionals looking for tips on patient management. An important source of information for anyone conducting research on coagulation, homeostasis and thrombosis.

“Hemophilia” by Jeri Freedman
This book focuses on the latest breakthroughs regarding hemophilia treatments, along with detailed descriptions of symptoms, in order to give the reader a picture of what it’s like to live with hemophilia.

“Hemophilia” by Edward Willett 
Information regarding treatment and possible cures for hemophilia. The book uses case studies as examples, making it a good tool for the classroom.

“Hemophilia” by Beverly Britton
This book is more aimed at recent research to find a cure for hemophilia.

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