Hemophilia Patients Can Now Share Treatment Information With Their Healthcare Team

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by Wendy Henderson |

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A new online service allows patients with bleeding disorders like hemophilia to share important information about their treatment and bleeds with their healthcare team in real time.

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The HemaGo XChange portal was created by Novo Nordisk A/S as an update to their existing website and mobile app. It allows users to track how much clotting factor was used in treatments and other important data such as dosage, vials, and types of infusions. They will also be able to record the types of bleeds they have, noting each one’s duration, where on the body it occurred, and how often they have bleeds along with any other information they feel is relevant to their overall health.

The patient’s healthcare team will then be able to access this information at a later point to assess the patient and plan treatment accordingly. Find out more about HemaGo XChange here.

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