How Kids Can Explain Hemophilia to Their Friends

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by Wendy Henderson |

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This children’s video from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention focuses on how to tell your friends that you have hemophilia.

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Billy, a young boy with hemophilia, answers some of the questions that his friends ask about the disease. He explains that when he has a cut he’ll bleed longer than his friends and he needs a special treatment to help the cut heal properly. He also shares that if he injures himself, he might get painful internal bleeds which sometimes force him to use crutches until the swelling goes down, although this only happens if he forgets to have his infusion.

While Billy needs to be extra careful not to injure himself by avoiding things like contact sports and other dangerous activities, he doesn’t need to wear bubble wrap to protect himself. Common sense, keeping up with his medications and looking after himself will help him stay safe.

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