New Documentary Explores What It’s Like Living With a Bleeding Disorder

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There’s a good chance those who don’t have a close connection with hemophilia don’t know much about the disease. Some may know that it’s a bleeding disorder, though they probably don’t know what the outcomes are for those who are diagnosed or how it’s treated. It’s for these reasons that raising awareness is incredibly important to the bleeding disorder community. Through charitable initiatives and social media, many with close ties to a patient work hard to spread the word and bring attention to this life-threatening illness.

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Bleeding Love is a new documentary written, produced, directed and filmed by Charles Eddy and Shannon Gracey and stars their son Lachie. Lachie was diagnosed with hemophilia A when he was just a baby, and ever since, his family’s been looking for a cure.

The documentary follows Charles, Shannon and Lachie on a 35,000-kilometre journey as the family travels to every corner of the globe in search of answers while raising awareness of bleeding disorders.

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