6 Self-Care Tips for People Living With Hemophilia

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by Wendy Henderson |

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Life with hemophilia can be challenging but with appropriate treatment and preventative self-care, many people living with the disease can live fairly normal lives. To help prevent bleeds and other complications, we’ve put together a list of six self-care tips for people living with hemophilia.

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1. Ensure you take your medications and clotting factor as directed by your healthcare team.

2. Visit your doctor regularly and make sure you’re up to date with any vaccinations you may need.

3. Tell relevant people about your health condition so they can help you in case of a bleed or injury. This includes work colleagues, friends, family members, sports coaches, gym staff and any other healthcare professionals you may encounter.

4. Practice good dental hygiene and have regular dental checkups. Make sure your dentist knows you have hemophilia so he can treat you accordingly.

5. Understand the signs and symptoms of internal bleeds so that you can react appropriately.

6. Keep a record of any internal bleeds, medical issues, and treatments to give to healthcare professionals in an emergency.

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