Understanding the Basics of Hemophilia

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This video from Osmosis Health & Medicine describes hemophilia and what it really means to have the blood disorder.

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With detailed illustrations, the video’s narrator explains that hemophilia comes from the words “love” and “blood,” meaning those with hemophilia “love to bleed.” Having hemophilia means that your body has difficulties with blood clotting, or rather, the process of hemostasis is impaired.

There are two stages to hemostasis: primary and secondary. While both are necessary for blood to clot and a wound to heal, it’s the secondary stage that most hemophilia patients have a problem with. Their clotting factors (proteins made by the liver to help seal the wound) are less effective, which makes it harder for the body to stop the bleeding and for tissue to repair.

The video also explains what causes hemophilia, the symptoms to look out for, and the treatment options that are currently available.

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