How Sports Positively Impact the Lives of Hemophilia Patients

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This video from the Bleeding Disorders Community focuses on sports for children with hemophilia. It explains that physical activity is important for people living with hemophilia, as it helps build muscle strength and maintain physical fitness, but that not all sports are suitable for those living with the condition.

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Hemophilia patients and their parents talk about the impact exercise and sports has had on their lives. Teenage boys with hemophilia who are excelling at sports, like swimming, track and soccer, share the positive effects its had on them, both physically and mentally. These boys feel they’re in control of their hemophilia, not the other way around.

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  1. Adele Bridge says:

    My son Jack Bridge finished 4th in the 100m breaststroke I’m the London 2012 Paralympic Games and it testament to the positivity of sport for people suffering from haemophillia. Jack has severe haemophilia with a history of inhibitors and he is an Ambassador for the Haemophilia Society of Great Britain.

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