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The Truths About Being a Carer

When I’m browsing online, I often see posts dedicated to carers of people with disabilities, calling them “unsung heroes” for sacrificing time and convenience for their loved ones’ well-being. As the wife of a person with disabilities, I can attest that is often the case. I believe carers deserve recognition.

My First Infusion Experience

Last weekend, I had an experience I had long dreamed about. This experience had been on my list of “things to achieve” for several years since I met my husband, Jared, who lives with hemophilia. Many women my age dream of treating themselves to a huge shopping…

This Is What I Ask of You

Dear Chronically Ill Partner, I know life isn’t always easy for you. You have grown up believing life dealt you a terrible deck of cards. You’re no stranger to the feeling of suffering. At one point or another, you’ve even questioned the motives of the universe in…