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Timea is a Molecular biologist (MSc) & Computational chemist (MSc, PhD), science liaison, and strategic business development and marketing specialist, with 15 years in pharmaceutical R&D, biotech and scientific software development.

Articles by Timea Polgar

Type of Chromatin Seen to Stop ‘Jumping Genes’ from Doing Harm, as in Hemophilia

New research suggests that the main developmental role of heterochromatin, a form of dense DNA found in chromosomes, is to suppress virus-like DNA elements known as “jumping genes” from replicating and attaching themselves across a person’s genome, potentially destroying important genes and causing a variety of diseases, including hemophilia and cancer. The study, by University of North Carolina…

Companies Partner for Faster, Long-acting Hemophilia Treatment

Catalyst Biosciences, developers of protease therapeutics for serious hemostasis and anti-complement conditions, and CMC ICOS Biologics, Inc., which manufactures therapeutic proteins, have partnered for the manufacture of a next generation hemophelia drug. Catalyst is developing CB 813d, a longer-acting Factor VIIa drug for hemophilia A and B inhibitor patients. “We selected CMC Biologics…