Hemophilia 24/7 - a Column by Cazandra Campos-MacDonald

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Cazandra is a pastor, author, columnist, motivational speaker, advocate, and encourager. She writes about the journey of raising two sons with severe hemophilia A with inhibitors. Cazandra’s older brother, Ronaldo Julian Campos, died of complications from hemophilia as an infant. She lives with her husband, Rev. Dr. Joe MacDonald, and youngest son, Caeleb (14) in Belen, New Mexico. She also has an adult son, Julian (24). Her book, “Dear Hemophilia: Finding Hope Through Chronic Illness,” is available on Amazon. You may follow her writings and view her TEDxABQ talk at www.cazandracmacdonald.com.

What Does Hemophilia Look Like?

What does an illness look like? Sometimes a bald head, pale skin, or a mobility device are outward signs that someone has an illness. People would never know my sons have hemophilia by looking at them today. My oldest son, Julian, is 24. He lives on his own,…

December Is the Time to Take Inventory

Many people see spring as the season for cleaning. Winter months call for homes to be closed tightly to keep the heat in and the winter chill out. Spring allows for the opening of windows to clean the soot and grime that accumulates over the colder season. I normally do…

Today I Choose Thankfulness

People are suffering. The country is divided. States are imposing limits on items that may be purchased, and businesses are closed. If there were ever a year to skip Thanksgiving, this would be it. At least, that is what some people think, but I am not one of them.

We Are Designed for Turmoil

Exhaustion, stress, loneliness, and boredom are a few symptoms of living in our current world. Some people easily adapt to new ways of moving in the world, and others have a more difficult time. What is amazing is how the rare disease/disorder community seems to move forward without skipping a…