Who knew that my cleaning woes could be solved by a robot?

Technology can often handle tasks that health challenges make tough

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In the wake of my mother’s tragic passing in February and the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Ian last year, my living space in Florida has undergone a profound transformation.

My mother and I had always depended on a cleaning person to keep our condominium tidy. Those services have been put on hold, however, as the condo had to undergo extensive renovations to rectify the damage caused by Ian.

The result? A transition from traditional carpet and tile to a sleek luxury vinyl plank floor.

While I love the new flooring, its unforgiving nature reveals every speck of dirt and dust, leaving me with a constant cleaning challenge. The situation was further complicated by the removal of the previous tile, triggering a dust invasion even within the confines of drawers.

Once a chore, cleaning house morphed out of necessity into a therapeutic activity for me. Armed with my favorite tunes playing through my headphones, the act of cleaning became unexpectedly enjoyable.

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Yet my physical health has been testing my newfound passion for cleaning. My joints, affected by Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, tend to betray me, particularly my rebellious kneecap that often pops out of place. The twisting motions of vacuuming and mopping are not my friends. The aftermath includes painful swelling, which is aggravated by my concurrent bleeding disorders, hemophilia B and von Willebrand disease.

For months, I longed to own a robot to vacuum and mop my floors. I watched endless YouTube videos and read countless reviews. My vocabulary expanded to include words like “lidar” and “pascal pressure unit.”

I narrowed down my choices and waited for a sale. My patience finally paid off when Amazon’s October Prime Days arrived, presenting an irresistible offer that compelled me to take the plunge.

Welcome home, Rocky

Enter Rocky, as I endearingly named my new robotic assistant. Admittedly, our relationship had a rocky beginning: Straight out of the box, Rocky seemed averse to the idea of mopping. However, he was soon up and running with a call to tech support and some diligent troubleshooting involving a pin to poke a plugged hole.

Since that moment, my life has been markedly transformed. I’m utterly smitten with Rocky. He seamlessly integrated with my home, tirelessly mopping and vacuuming my floors with unwavering dedication.

Rocky has helped alleviate my physical struggles and allows me to revel in the joy of a spotless home once more. He cleans daily, which means I can spend my energy on other endeavors, such as cleaning other areas of my home.

Indeed, Rocky represents an easy way out. Yet isn’t that precisely the case with the cleaning lady as well? The choice to employ external help has always been about finding efficient solutions to maintain a clean living space without compromising my physical health and well-being. Granted, my kneecap may still pop out of place, but I’m giving it one less opportunity to do so.

In the context of financial prudence, Rocky proves to be an investment rather than just an indulgence. I’m embracing a more convenient approach and ensuring cost-effectiveness by eliminating the need for a cleaning person. The funds allocated to cleaning fees will be saved in just two months, essentially covering Rocky’s expense. It’s a practical choice that streamlines my cleaning process and contributes to the bottom line — making it a wise decision.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a floor to mop (wink wink).

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