Newly Diagnosed: Treatment Strategies for Hemophilia

While hemophilia has no cure as of yet, there are approved treatments and therapeutic approaches that can help to ease symptoms and improve quality of life. Several experimental treatments are also currently in clinical trials that could prove beneficial for patients. Check out the information below to explore more about therapeutic strategies your doctor may recommend and what therapies are in the pipeline for potential future use.

Approved Treatments

The primary treatment for hemophilia is replacement therapy that supplies the clotting factors to hemophilia patients who lack them. Other approved treatments  to control bleeding episodes include antifibrinolytics, bypassing agents, and other prophylactic treatments designed to prevent bleeds.

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Experimental Treatments

In addition to existing approved treatments, several experimental therapies are being evaluated to identify a more long-term solution for patients with hemophilia. These include gene therapy, extended half-life treatments, and other approaches.

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Doctors may recommend physiotherapy to help manage the symptoms of hemophilia. Physiotherapy is an essential part of hemophilia management as it helps repair injured muscles, build strength, decrease pain and swelling, and increase the patient’s movement and range of motion.

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