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Alliah Czarielle, or Cza for short, is a life partner to a person with hemophilia and epilepsy. Her life's dream is to enjoy a happy and contented life with her family, while pursuing her own passion for arts, crafts, entrepreneurship, and fine jewelry. She is a strong advocate for equal rights and support for people with disability, as well as people with mental illnesses, being a struggler herself. She lives in the Philippines with her husband, Jared, and their daughter, Cittie.

Articles by Alliah Czarielle

What Happens When the Carer Needs Care?

I’ve been sick for most of this week with digestive issues. This is a chronic condition for me, but it always bothers me when it happens. I’m weak and unable to do much. I must gauge my energy levels and try to squeeze important tasks into the moments I…

Emerging From the ‘Longest Bleed Ever’

Two weekends ago, my husband, Jared, had a lengthy bleeding episode. It happened after a fun Father’s Day trip to the zoo with our baby girl, Cittie, and our nanny. We had a wonderful time filled with several firsts since pandemic lockdowns eased, including our first time out of the…

Mistakes Help Us Learn Important Life Lessons

A few years ago, I took one notebook from my stationery collection and wrote on its first page: “My Official Book of Mistakes.” In this notebook, I was supposed to write the mistakes I made in business so that I would work hard on not repeating them while moving forward.