HemoWife - a Column by Alliah Czarielle

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Alliah Czarielle, or Cza for short, is a life partner to a person with hemophilia and epilepsy. Her lifs dream is to enjoy a happy and contented life with her family, while pursuing her own passion for arts, crafts, entrepreneurship, and fine jewelry. She is a strong advocate for equal rights and support for people with disability, as well as people with mental illnesses, being a struggler herself. She lives in the Philippines with her husband, Jared, and their daughter, Cittie.

Living a ‘Demi-normal’ Life With Chronic Illnesses

“Demi-normal.” It’s a term I’ve coined to describe how my husband, Jared, and I both live with chronic illness. Most people are familiar with the prefix “demi-,” meaning “halfway,” “almost but not quite,” or “to an inferior degree.” For instance, a demigod‘s status is above man’s, but…

These Are the Kind of Friends We Need

Meaningful connections with other people are of incredible value to people with chronic illnesses. My husband, Jared, and I can both attest to this, as he lives with severe hemophilia B and a seizure disorder, while I am newly diagnosed with both bipolar II disorder and the inattentive…