The Forgotten Factor - a Column by Shellye Horowitz

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Shellye Horowitz is a licensed school counselor and school administrator with over 25 years of experience in education. Shellye has strong ties to the bleeding disorders community with six traceable generations of hemophilia A in her family. As a woman with hemophilia, Shellye feels fortunate to have obtained a correct diagnosis and access to care, albeit later in life. Her desire is to spread awareness that women also have hemophilia and need appropriate and equitable care. Shellye lives in Northern California, where she and her dog, “Hope,” love to play on the beach and wander through the majestic Redwood forests.

My Thoughts on Freedom and Hemophilia

This month, we celebrated the two holidays of Easter and Passover. Many of my Christian friends describe Easter as a celebration of freedom over sin and death due to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. My Jewish friends gather to recount the story of Passover, a celebration of freedom from slavery…

We Must Recognize that Women Can Get Hemophilia

A genetic mutation for hemophilia has passed through five generations of my family. We can trace it from my great-grandfather, known simply as a “bleeder,” to my nephew. My great-grandfather passed the genetic mutation to my grandmother. My grandmother passed the genetic mutation to my father. My father…