This Holiday Season, I’m Most Thankful for My Husband’s Presence and Good Health

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I am someone who appreciates certain finer things.

As a jeweler, I understand the value of fine metals, gems, and diamonds. As such, I can’t help but dream of owning attractive and valuable jewelry pieces that will ultimately serve as investments. I’m also drawn to fine timepieces, and admit to occasionally giving in to the temptation of randomly buying a new watch.

As a writer, I also happen to enjoy the experience of writing with a good pen. For nearly a decade, I’ve delighted in my hobby of collecting fountain pens. Studies show that writing by hand helps the brain process information better than typing on a computer. Additionally, handwriting can be meditative.

Though the nature of my work as an online entrepreneur requires lots of computer use, I still like to unplug and add some lines to my journal with the fountain pen of my choice. In fact, just a few days ago, I got myself the white and rose gold fountain pen I’d been eyeing since November. My husband, Jared, was very supportive. He said I deserved this little Christmas gift.

Gift-giving is a big thing in our extended family. As early as September, the Christmas tree and decorations emerge from storage. Gifts slowly begin to appear underneath the tree and grow in number until we unwrap them on Christmas Eve.

In many cultures around the world, gift-giving is regarded as a timeless expression of love. To some, it is their primary “love language.” Personally, I like the thought of receiving a gift as a symbol that someone cares about me. As I get older, I realize that the mere fact that someone remembers me is enough reason to feel grateful.

In addition to all of the fine material things on my personal wish list, I am thankful for other gifts, including:

  1. My husband’s company when we go on shopping trips to buy gifts for loved ones. The time we spend sharing inside jokes and laughing together while running errands is priceless.
  2. The time I’ve been able to spend outdoors with Jared and our daughter, Cittie. Now that we can finally visit parks and open spaces, we have new opportunities to teach her about how the world works.
  3. The miracle of good health Jared has been blessed with this season. Jared has severe hemophilia B, and normally, he gets bleeds requiring transfusion almost once a month. Although he fell once during a seizure, which caused some external bruising, he was not debilitated by his mild injuries. And while he did need to infuse factor, he accomplished the task smoothly. Instead of being stressful, it turned out to be a confidence-building experience.

None of these gifts can be bought off a department store shelf. And yet, they’re the ones that make me feel the most blessed.


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