Planning and spontaneity are both crucial in life with hemophilia

Some of the most beautiful moments in life happen unexpectedly

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Meticulous planning is familiar to many of us in the hemophilia community. I’ve previously discussed how my family accommodates my husband Jared’s severe hemophilia B while planning ahead, whether it’s for travel or our future.

For instance, preparing for trips and vacations involves a checklist; we must be sure to pack Jared’s medications and factor supplies, bring a list of important contacts, and make contingency plans. The goal is a safe journey.

However, these preparations can be exhausting, and even perfectly planned trips often don’t unfold as expected. We’ve learned to accept that hemophilia can throw many unforeseen challenges our way.

While planning is crucial, I’ve discovered that cherished memories often stem from being spontaneous. These are moments when we let life surprise us. The unplanned detours, impromptu explorations, and unexpected encounters etch themselves into our hearts.

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The freedom of being uninjured

Jared strongly believes that life is too short to be overly cautious. While safety remains vital, being spontaneous has led to incredible experiences for us.

We’ve been able to enjoy many unplanned adventures where Jared wasn’t experiencing an active bleed, including impromptu trips, concerts, attempts at sports, visits to unique locations, and midnight wanderings. These escapades bring us closer together and deepen our appreciation for moments when health conditions aren’t in the spotlight.

During spontaneous getaways, Jared savors the freedom of being uninjured. He revels in simple joys like roaming the streets at night, stargazing on the beach, and exploring cities without the constraints of hemophilia. These moments remind him of the human body’s incredible resilience and spirit.

Embracing spontaneity means living in the moment, unburdened by meticulous planning. It’s about taking a step back, breathing fresh air, and letting go of fear, even if only briefly.

I’m not suggesting abandoning planning entirely; basic safety measures are still crucial. Rather, I advocate for finding a balance between preparation and spontaneity. Beautiful moments often happen unexpectedly.

As caregivers, we can learn from loved ones with hemophilia. Their ability to embrace the moment despite any physical limitations can teach us to let go of worries. Life is meant to be experienced, not just planned out.

So if you feel caught up in trying to prepare for every possibility, consider the beauty of the unplanned. Incredible memories await when we go with the flow and savor the present moment.

My procedure for this is simple: Ensure basic safety measures are in place, and proceed to seize the day. Carpe diem!

In the end, it’s about the journey, not the destination. Sometimes, the best journeys occur when we let spontaneity be our guide, reminding us to appreciate the high seasons of life even more.

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