Investing in Home Improvements to Boost Well-being

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Lately, my husband, Jared, and I have been working on home improvement goals. Since the pandemic lockdowns began, couples all over the Philippines have been boasting of their improved homes. With many employees now working from home, several people have both the time and the initiative to renovate and redecorate their houses.

Jared and I consider ourselves late to the party. We hadn’t really given much thought to redecorating before, but it recently occurred to us while working. The dark and antiquated theme of the ancestral home we are staying in, which belongs to Jared’s family, doesn’t match our jewelry store’s bright, delicate, and youthful theme. As a result, we struggle to find appropriate backgrounds for our product photo shoots.

I had always dreamed of a light and airy home where creativity could thrive. Now that I am also planning a clothing retail store, I would like an interior where I can simply pose in front of a mirror and take photos without worrying about intrusive background elements.

I’m a fairly chaotic-minded person prone to making lots of messes. However, as I get older, I’m slowly realizing how much of a mental drain messes can be. As someone who juggles several tasks and thoughts — our business, my husband, his hemophilia and seizure disorder, medical treatments, my anxiety and depression, raising an energetic toddler — I just don’t have the headspace to deal with messes anymore.

In the past two weeks, Jared and I have been planning out the changes to our living space. We have a tight budget, so every change or added furnishing must be well thought out. Although we were in need of a new bed, we didn’t buy the first one we fell in love with, but rather took the time to research first so we could find the best deal.

With all of the other expenses we have at the moment, particularly Jared’s seizure medications, we can’t afford to have buyer’s remorse.

With the new furniture pieces we’ll be ordering, we estimate that we’ll spend a significant portion of our monthly earnings, well beyond our allotment for personal wants and needs. For a young couple like us, this is a big deal. However, since our renovation project is meant for our mental well-being (as well as an investment in the future, when we have a forever home), we believe it is a worthy expense.

Thankfully, Jared has been bleed-free since the beginning of May. As a result, he’s had a lot of time to help out with our business. He also can help with painting and decorating, which I certainly look forward to when the big project starts!


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