A Holiday Gift List for Your Loved One With Hemophilia

These items may prove beneficial for those with bleeding disorders

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With the holiday season fast approaching, many of us are clamoring to buy gifts for the people we hold dear.

But it can be hard to find gifts even for those closest to us. This is especially true if they’re easily satisfied or, on the other end of the spectrum, highly meticulous.

My husband, Jared, doesn’t quite fit into either category. He always tells me not to bother buying him material things because he’s happy with the stuff he has. However, he can also be picky about the things he actually intends to purchase. He plans and researches extensively before ever clicking “check out.”

Jared likes to joke that he only has one item on his wish list: to recover fully from hemophilia. But because that isn’t likely to happen soon, having a generous supply of factor is a close second. (And he’s totally justified in wanting those things; who wouldn’t desire a better quality of life?)

Thankfully, he’s come up with a list of attainable gifts that he thinks will suit people with hemophilia.

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Enjoying the Gifts and Counting Our Blessings

1. Gym membership

Jared swears by exercise as a means of strengthening his muscles and joints, effectively preventing bleeds. He started lifting weights in 2016. Since then, he has alternated gym workouts with home workouts on a semiregular basis.

During the months when he is active, Jared notices that his bleeds are less frequent and less severe. Because of this, he does his best to commit to a workout program no matter how busy his schedule gets.

Home workouts can be an effective means to get fit. But a gym membership can enhance one’s commitment to fitness by providing a system of motivation and feedback.

Having a dedicated trainer at a gym can help someone stayed committed to exercising. Professional guidance may also help them feel safer.

One downside of gym memberships is the cost. On top food, bills, medication, internet and phone connectivity, and other needs, maintaining your health and physique can add up. Imagine how grateful someone would be to have a loved one foot that expense!

2. Workout gear

Of course, no gym workout is complete without the necessary gear! Gym gear need not be expensive — just some comfortable and sweat-wicking clothes, grippy training shoes, a large and sturdy water bottle, and a sizable bag will do. Most gyms already provide equipment, but there’s no harm in having your own gear, such as resistance bands and dumbbells. That way, your loved one can work out from the comfort of their own home.

3. Protective gear

Protection is always the order of the day with a bleeding disorder like hemophilia. By protection, we don’t necessarily mean walking around with a helmet and padded joints. Knowing how to do exercises safely is a huge factor in staying protected. Another is having access to helpful tools.

For added safety during body-weight workouts, Jared likes using pushup bars. These help intensify moves like pushups and dips, while simultaneously lessening the impact on one’s joints.

4. A gaming console or new book for the inevitable bleeding episode

No matter how much preventive strengthening a person with hemophilia does, a random bleed can still sneak up. This is often the case in our country, the Philippines, where factor supply is low, making infusions only possible on demand.

In the event that a person with hemophilia gets a bleed, they’ll need to wait it out. They will have to pause workouts and other similar routines for a while, which can feel disheartening, especially if they’d already built up momentum.

Still, there are ways to make this period of rest more comfortable. A gaming console or a new book can be extremely helpful in passing time.

5. Santa’s gift: an endless supply of factor

Finally, the fifth item on the wish list is something that would make many people with hemophilia (and their families!) very happy: an endless supply of factor! Should Santa Claus come along this holiday season, a giant box of factor products would be fantastic. (Ah, we can dream.)

What’s on your list this holiday season? Please share in the comments below.

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Maria Bettina Paulo

Thank you so much for sharing this, Christine! Really helpful guide! Hope to meet you in the future! Take care and God bless to both you and Jared! Cheers.

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Alliah Czarielle

Just saw your comment now - glad you found it helpful! I hope you had a great holiday season. Would love to meet you and your partner - are you by any chance part of a hemophilia organization?

You can email me here: alliahczarielle (at) gmail.com. If you live somewhere near, we can definitely meet up sometime!

Maria Bettina Paulo avatar

Maria Bettina Paulo

*Czarielle, I mean (sorry for the auto-correct keyboard)


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