Does it Feel Buzzy or Achy?

When your child is little and isn’t able to verbalize pain, you find yourself worrying constantly that you are missing something. “He’s crying, is he having a bleed? Or does he need a diaper change?” You must be the one who identifies why your little one is in distress.

Parental Dynamics: Holding It Together

The National Hemophilia Foundation hosts an annual meeting with workshops, exhibits, and social gatherings for the bleeding disorders community. It’s a time when consumers, providers, and industry come together to support one another. When you have been in the community for more than 20 years, the best…

How Our Family Regained Control

There have been seasons when hemophilia became the center of my family’s universe. A bleed would start and before it healed completely, it re-bled, or a new one began. Visits to the clinic for appointments, timed blood draws, unpacking factor and supplies, phone calls about co-pay assistance, factor…